Monday, June 26, 2006

Old cookery books in google books:

I love old cookey books, they contain lots of fascinating historical details as well as a wealth of useful recipes so i was very happy to discover some have been digitised by google books. The books I have found are:

The Universal Cook: And City and Country Housekeeper
by Francis Collingwood, John Woollams published in 1806

The Art of French Cookery
by A. B. (Antoine B.) Beauvilliers published in 1827

The Practice of Cookery: Adapted to the Business of Every Day Life
by Dalgairns published in 1830

The Cook's Dictionary, and House-keeper's Directory
by Richard Dolby published in 1830

The Young House-keeper, Or, Thoughts on Food and Cookery
by William A. (William Andrus) Alcott published in 1838

The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-table Directory
by Charlotte Campbell Bury published in 1844

The Illustrated London Cookery Book
by Frederick Bishop published in 1852

The Cook's Guide, and Housekeepers and Butler's Assistant
by Charles Elmé Francatelli published in 1863

They are well worth a browse. I am not sure how stable the links are so they might not work in which case you will have to search via google books.

Friday, April 14, 2006

sōng shēng
Pine tree, sound.
Song of the pines

好好 坐,双 在前 轩。
yuè hǎohāo zuò shuāng sōng zàiqián xuān
Moon, all out, read, sit, pair, Pines, formerly, veranda.
I like sitting alone when the moon is shining, And there are two pines standing before the verandah;

西南 微风 来, 潜入 枝叶 间。
xīnán wēifēng lái qiánrù zhī-yè jiān
South-west, gentle breeze, comes. Sneaks, branches and leaves, between.
A breeze comes from the south-west. Creeping into the branches and leaves.

声,半夜 明月 前。
xiāo liáo wèi shēng bànyè míngyuè qián
Desolate, lonely, emits, makes, sound. Midnight, moon, before.
Under the brilliant moon at midnight. It whistles a cool distant music

寒山 飒飒 雨,秋 泠泠 弦。
hánshān sàsà qiū qín línglíng xián
Winter mountain,sound of rain, rain. Autumn, zither, cool, string.
Like rustling rains in empty mountains, And the serene harp strings in the fall

炎暑, 烦。
wén yánshǔ zài tīng hūn fán
One, smell, wash, scorching hot weather, Again, listen, smash, dusk, be vexed.
On first hearing them, The heat of summer is washed away:

竟夕 寐,心 (倏 换羽) 然。
jìngxī suì mèi xīn (shū quǎn huànyǔ ) rán
All night, satisfy, not, sleep. Heart, body, all, (suddenly, dog, molt) correct
And this suffocating boredom comes to an end, So i keep awake the whole night.

车马 动,西 歌吹 繁。
nán chēmǎ dòng lín gēchuī fán
South, strange, vehicles and horses, move, West, neighbor, singing and music, numerous.
Along the south street coaches and horses are stirring. Both heart and body becoming clear,

谁知 檐下, 满耳 喧。
shéizhī yánxià mǎn'ěr wèi xuān
Who knows, this, Underside of the eaves, filling one's ears, not, become, noisy. Who knows that under the roof-trees of this place, The ears are full but not with noise.